About Us

Our Employees:

We love our employees. They are why we are a 5 star company across the web!

Our pool technicians are highly qualified with years of experience and  they know the pool industry inside and out. They come to your home in professional uniforms and our employees are always respectful and helpful. Our techs will educate you plus answer any questions you may have about your pool and services. Unlike other companies, you will get the same "pool guy" every week. He will know your pool and will know how to make it sparkle! Our employees have been with us from the start. They are loyal and we train them to put customers first!  You are why we stay in business and we will thank you with giving you the best service and cleanest pool possible. 

Our Company:

Protege Pool Services is the fastest growing pool servicer in Arizona. This is because word has gotten out that we have excellent customer service & the lowest prices! Our customers love us. The lowest turn over rate and this is because we use tracking software to ensure our techs will show up every week & spend time on your pool!

Protege has worked with our community for many years. We have countless hours dedicated to helping and volunteering wherever needed. Protege continues to show up all over Arizona at festivals, events, & other gatherings. We love our community! We also partner with amazing companies & organizations to make Arizona a better place for all of us. 

Meet the Owners:  Hugo & Sandra Holguin

Hugo & Sandra have been married since 1998. They have 4 amazing children that keep them working hard to succeed.  Protege launched  in 2006 & knows that their customers are the reason they stay in business. That is why you will get the best service & you never have to worry about overpaying. Protégé is more than fair & honest.  Plus, they understand the struggle of trusting a company. 

We all search to find a company that is honest and won't take advantage of us. . . And that is why more people refer Protege Pools! 

Our promise to you:

You will never overpay & you will have the best service with the best possible price!

Protégé is a family owned business and we promise to commit to you & give you 100% satisfaction !